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Gavin, our hero

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Gavin would answer that he wanted to be the "world’s biggest superhero". 💚

On Saturday October 19th, 2019 Gavin suffered from what we think was a twisted bowel that left Gavin on life support with no brain activity at Rady Children’s Hospital P.I.C.U. The prognosis was heart breaking and we would needed a miracle. After a couple of days in the ICU we realized that our miracle was not coming but we had the choice to give miracles to others. It was then that we bravely decided that we would donate Gavin's viable organs and tissue to save other lives and create miracles for other families. Our prayers had now shifted and we prayed that he would have be able to save others and we waited for the call to find out if the organ transplants were a success. On Wednesday October 23rd we got the call at 4:55PM that they were able to use 3 of this healthy, viable organs. His heart now beats in a 2 year old girl and his liver and kidney have given to two separate women a second chance at life. Gavin is our hero and we miss him so deeply but we found some comfort knowing he did not pass away without saving others 💚 We want to thank everyone for the continued prayers and support, they are keeping us going during this hard time.

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